A 9-Step Process of Revealing 
Your Deepest Calling

A 9-Step Process 
Of Revealing Your Deepest Calling

Lift the veil on all layers of fears so you can fully remember who you are and what you came here for.

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Are You Ready to Uncover Your True Purpose?
If you're a leader who has embarked on the journey to discover your true calling, you are not alone. It's a path filled with obstacles and uncertainties. It's a quest that requires courage, introspection, and guidance.

Introducing a 9-video experience designed to aid you in your ongoing journey of self-discovery. These carefully crafted videos will guide you through a transformative process that will help you:

→ Understand your core desires and deepest fears
→ Identify your unique strengths and talents
→ Reveal the mission that you were destined to fulfill

Join us on this enlightening voyage, and let us assist you in revealing the answers that reside within you.

How does this experience work?
This FREE Experience is built into 9 powerful episodes, delivered through 9 consecutive weeks. 

Each episode features a heart-to-heart conversation including raw and real stories so you can mirror back your deepest fears and learn to embrace your own calling. 

By joining, you also get EXCLUSIVE access to Coaching & a life-changing Community.

Take a look into the 9 Steps : 

Step #1 : 
Meeting your True Self
Release the compulsory illusion of who you think you are so you can allow your deepest truths to guide you on your path to embodying your role as leader in this premiere episode.
Step #2 : 
Opening your Heart
Unlock the power of integrating all parts of you, to accept everything about you and realize the strength that comes from integrating the body, mind, and spirit in episode two.
Step #3 : 
Stepping into your Power
Learn to live the reality that our greatest power is the power of creation so you can learn to stop being afraid of what you were meant to bring into this world with episode three.
Step #4 : 
Meeting your True Self
One of our most compelling fears is the fear of our own potentiality. In this episode, we’ll explore what it means to truly live up to it and what it will mean if we don’t.
Step #5 : 
Opening your Heart
In this episode, we take on the fear of change and what it means to grow beyond our borders and limitations so we can become fearless in the face of our own possibilities.
Step #6 : 
Stepping into your Power
Arm yourself with the Shame-Slayer, Honor. In this episode, you will learn how to grant and ACCEPT the permission to love all of yourself, regardless of what you feel you’ve done “wrong” in the past.
Step #7 : 
Facing your deepest Fears
When we allow ourselves to go crazy with courage…to do the things that once left us feeling too afraid to do…we allow ourselves to actually EXPERIENCE our dreams.
Step #8
Discovering your Calling
In this episode, we turn up the volume, as if we haven’t already!, on answering the call so you can learn how to hear and say “YES!” to your true calling. 
Step #9
Leading yourself Home
We look at what it means to command ourselves in this last episode so we can learn to SHOW others what it means to lead…so they can, then, become the leaders they were meant to be, too.
So, are you ready? 
Ready to break the chains of fear that have been holding you back? 
Ready to heed your calling and step into the life you've always been born to lead?

Take the first step in this empowering 9-step process. Your deepest calling is waiting, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

* This Experience is totally FREE
Hello Leader. 

I’m Roxy Valade, CEO & Founder of RNation. 

In this Experience,  I not only take you on a transformational journey, but I co-create with you a New World.  

Born from my own trials and triumphs, this podcast symbolizes my journey through resilience and transformation that comes from confronting and weaving our shadows into our personal destiny.

What if there is an entirely different way to think about personal identity as a changemaker?

A concept in which your sense of who you are is now shaped by the shared dream of RNation. It’s a way of living that begins with the premise that “I am” only because “we R.”

When you are part of RNation, you no longer need to go through change alone. You BELONG with all parts of who you R!

You and I, it's the beginning of a new relationship. 
We are building a new chapter of History, together. 

I am
We R
- Roxy xxx 
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